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The Replacement
  27th August, 2017


The replacement game is coming along rather well, although there's not much of a game in there, yet.


Not much in the way of Animation in this one, I'm afraid.
It's all a case of "wiggle the sprites to fake the illusion of animation", but otherwise things look.. .. OK!

It's Sunday, and I'm struggling to cope with a migraine, so things probably aren't going to progress all that much further, today.
Meanwhile, I did (as posted last night) have a play with Flappadiddle on the iPhone.
It kinda works, but it's also really awkward having the controls as close to the bottom of the screen as they are.
I'm not really sure what I can do about that. It's a bit of a pain, if I'm honest!


As well as that, I spent a couple of hours trawling Zophar's Domain.
I've no idea how long the site has had a VGMusic Archive, as I only just noticed it last night, but, boy did I have fun digging through the thing, and downloading oodles of VGMusic!
Highly recommended!

Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, TimeSplitters, PenPen TriIcelon...
They've got 'em all!

Daily Doodle : Ballet Tutor

Platdude's BalletBot is teaching him well, but it's getting rather strict.
He's been told he needs to wear his tutu, next week, or there'll be no lesson.


iPhones are handy,
My games run quite well.
But Buttons are better,
And Touchscreens are hell.


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