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Dark Matter Finale
  29th August, 2017

Should've headed to bed around about 11'ish. Was still slightly awake around midnight, but starting to drift off.
Then an Email.
"New Episode available for download"

Dark Matter's 12th and final Season 3 episode was available, and who was I to leave it until tomorrow!!


A cracking finale, and a great ending to the series.
Hopefully SyFy #RenewDarkMatter as the show's really excellent at this point!
*fingers crossed*


With Sheriff of Cardington finished, it was time to think about the next game.
But I didn't.
Instead, I re-opened the newest SpikeDislike and started to work on the menu.
It's currently very.. Um.. AGameAWeek!
Hopefully I can get it acting a little more swooshy and interesting, but at least the basic functionality of the menu works well enough.
I need to smarten it up a little, and then add 3 or 4 of the things for various options, but it shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

Then it's time to once again create all those themes.

Daily Doodle : The Decoy

Platdude is so enamoured by the cuteness of this little creature that he's completely unaware that he's being licked to death!


I wonder what game will be next?
I should try something new and unique.
But with so many games, that isn't so easy.
My lack of ideas is quite bleak.


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