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Planning Ahead
  1st September, 2017


I made a brief start on this week's game, but found my mind wandering over to a very different task.


Every time someone views a single page of the WordPress based AGameAWeek blog, the page takes about 0.15 seconds to "render"
Compare that to my Game Archive which takes around about 0.015 seconds.
The difference in render time is, of course, down to Wordpress being as massively complicated as it is.
Over the past few days of server woes, I'm finding myself wondering whether the 10-times hit is actually worth it.
I mean, for the most part, the only "feature" that I actually make use of, here, is the most basic of blogging.
Any "POWER" WordPress features are largely ignored.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the site was transferred to a new server. Everything transferred swiftly and easily, except for the Wordpress stuff which was a pain and needed about half-a-dozen "fixes" in order to get it up and running the way it was.
And one of the main WordPress features that I DO tend to use (Theme selection and customisation) no longer seems to work in Chrome because it whinges about iFrame security issues..


So, would I be better, then, to write my own AGameAWeek script from scratch?
Have it integrate the game archive, music archive, pixelart archive and maybe more, all together into one lump script of awesome?
Would that be better?!
Or would the sheer size of it all become insanely overly complicated?

I figured it'd all be too much
.. Yet my mind wouldn't leave the idea alone.

I eventually drifted off to sleep at around 1:30am, with a whole host of ideas buzzing around my head.

Instead of one daily blog like this, I could post, separately, the blog, the pixelart, the poetry, maybe more, and have them all split off into their own immediately accessible archives.

Yeah, I think I might be ready to take the epic challenge of one great-big giant AGameAWeek site script.

Daily Doodle : What Lurks Beneath

Platdude was having a bad dream.
Then he woke up!


The task seems quite large,
But the challenge is mine.
I should probably take it.
One step at a time.


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