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  2nd September, 2017
They cancelled Dark Matter?!


Seriously, SyFy.. Stargate SG-1, SG:Atlantis, SG:Universe and now Dark Matter.
4 of my favourite shows, and each and every one of them has been killed BY THE SAME CHANNEL!!



Right, AGameAWeek is being put on hiatus for a couple of weeks.
Big big task ahead, and I'm going to have to focus fairly hard to get all the pieces to slot into place.
I've started the rewrite of AGameAWeek.
That's this site, the Games Archive site, the Pixelart site, the Music Archive site, and an additional Poetry Corner site..
They're all going away, and in their place will be a single "AGameAWeek" site.

It's going to be a challenge to get everything working together, but that's the plan!

Yesterday I started work on the database. I downloaded the sql for this current Wordpress blog, and also grabbed the SQL of the Game Archive, and tried to figure out a way to combine the two.
After about 7 or 8 hours (yikes!!) I'd managed to write a program in BlitzMax which would input both sets of SQL data, and output a new single SQL import file which combines all the content from both databases, in a way that lets me access both in exactly the same way.

I uploaded the new SQL to a fresh database on the server, and wrote a simple page that selects a blog post and a game, and tries to display the most basic stuff from each.
The resulting page is visible here
Top is a blog post, bottom is a game.
Obviously, they're not displaying everything yet, and I definitely need to work on the layout and stuff, as well as integrating some form of rating/like/etc stuff, but as far as basic tests go, it's a good enough example.

Today I'll be needing to integrate Music and Pixelart into that single database, and then add Poetry Corner, too.

Once everything's in place, I'll be doing further tests, and if all works well enough I'll see about starting to add Admin functions to allow realtime adding of pages and such.

It's a start. But there's a long long way to go!

Daily Doodle : Making a Noise

Platdude hates what's going on, and is kicking up a stink using as many bells as he can.


The sun always shines on TV..
Unless the sun's on SyFy.
'Cos then the sun gets oddly cancelled,
And nobody's quite sure why.


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