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Coming Along Nicely
  4th September, 2017


As I continue to create a nice new script to encompass all of AGameAWeek, you can chart occasional progress right here, on the preview page.


The "Preview Page" will be updated whenever any significant progress has been made on my indev script.
Yesterday came along in leaps and bounds, but I'm still unsure on the style that the site's ending up with.
I do like the idea of the left-edge border, linking with the top-edge header. I think that's fairly "functional" in its style. But feel free to complain if you feel otherwise!

Meanwhile, I'm starting to fit the page styles together.
You can now see a large mix of Blogs, Pixelarts, Music, Poetry Corner and Games, all jumbled together into a big blog-like view.
You can click on posts to view them in full.
You can click the "post type" to view the latest posts in that category.

Not everything's working in the full-view form, but I am at least making progress.

There's a couple of significant things I'd like to add to the mix, most importantly, how to get any music to play properly in the background whilst the user continues to browse around the site. Hmmm...

But, yeah, it's definitely coming along. I've made huge progress over the weekend, and hopefully I can keep that momentum going whilst attempting the unthinkable..
.. Admin pages!! Eeeek!

Also, note that any "Missing recent content" will all re-appear towards the end of the project.
I'll be needing to do a big re-upload of all the current SQL data from the other databases. Since I've already written a BlitzMax tool to combine all the data, it shouldn't be a hard task at all!

Daily Doodle : Lonely Lunch

Nobody else is here.
Platdude's having another dinner on his own.


It's a long job ahead,
Filled with chaos and mayhem.
Taking all of the wonderful things,
And creating a new site around them.


If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (Please do!!) you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll usually show up on my daily blog, the very next day.

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