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  5th September, 2017


Things are progressing fairly well, over on the in-dev replacement site.


Already I can log in, and edit posts.
Although, currently, editing is fairly simplistic, I'll be adding uploads and other features over the coming days.

But it's already at the point where I could easily switch it on as a replacement for the WordPress blog, at least.
.. Of course, I'm not going to be doing that, as I'd rather figure out how everything else is going to function within the new "It's all blog-like" structure.
But it's nice to know that, within just a few days, I've pretty much written a full-blown replacement for WordPress... .. Or at least, for the amount that I actually make use of WordPress's functionality!

Today I'll be fiddling with some more of the Admin functionality, and seeing how simple I can keep things, whilst also allowing for all manner of uploading and all the other stuff.
I was, at one point, hoping to get mp3 uploading to work, and have it automagically reduce the bitrate for a secondary streaming version of the Choons, but I don't think I can do that. Or at least, not on shared hosting, anwyay.

I'll just have to render both, then upload them separately.
(Which I already do, anyway!)

Daily Doodle : Happy Again

Platdude loves the rain.
He dances with his brolly, and enjoys the outside world.


A time passes by,
And technology becomes great.
The past becomes fragile,
My old games start to break.


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