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  6th September, 2017


Yesterday was spent working on "New Post" functionality for the new site.


Seems to be working reasonably well, too.
I managed to cross-post a couple of day's worth of blogs, poetry and pixelarts, and they're showing up just fine.
I also started to work on uploads, but didn't quite get far enough through that. There's a LOT of little bits and pieces to tweak, in order for that to work.

The Preview Page now contains the past couple of day's blogs and things, so is more or less up to date.
They'll all be rejigged once I'm ready to actually launch the site properly, however, since the whole database will be refreshed from the current site's databases.
But it's seemingly working well, and I'm fairly confident that things will continue down the path of "Not broken!"


Over on SoCoder, Dabz posted an old, unfinished, Match-3 game.
After a quick discussion about whether it should be restarted, Dabz suggested there's loads of things to work out, before you can make a decent Match-3 game.
I suggested it's not "That" hard, and set about demonstrating it by making a basic Match-3 game within a couple of hours.

Leaving the idea behind, I found myself waking up at 2 in the morning, thinking about Gems, and how to generate some nice Gem-sprites..

Which, I reckon is fairly decent. Certainly not the best gem sprites in the universe, but you can quite easily pick and choose your favourites from the pack.

I'll probably clean up the generator a bit (it definitely needs speeded up a bit!) and post the "app" later on today.

.. It'll give me an excuse to test the uploader on the new site, at least!

Daily Doodle : Ten Minutes

Hopefully the next ten minutes go by quickly.
Platdude's getting cold.


Everything's coming together.
It certainly seems to run.
More steps in how I post things, though.
The change might not be fun!


If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (Please do!!) you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll usually show up on my daily blog, the very next day.

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