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And on..
  7th September, 2017


Yesterday was mostly Admin-based stuff that won't be noticeable to any visitors!


I did, however, start work on the Search functionality.
A simple little box in the upper right, and a set of checkboxes to choose the sections you'd like to see.
That plan is to enhance the box based upon which of the sections you've picked, so for example, picking Games will bring out the "System/Language" options, and things like that.

Time and date should also be included, but I'm going to try to make it slightly more intuitive than the old Game Archive which only really let you select a year.

Still plenty of stuff to do, then, and there's LOADS of Admin things to work into the script, too.
But .. Yeah, it's coming along nicely.

Daily Doodle : Good Times

Platdude is getting a whole host of records, this morning.
Those special batteries seem to be doing a good job.


Delving deep within the code,
And building up the site.
There's lots to do, and tons to fix,
Whilst coding through the night.


If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, (Please do!!) you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll usually show up on my daily blog, the very next day.

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