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Friday MusicAL .. On Saturday
  9th September, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud

Far too busy wrapped up in New AGameAWeek that I totally forgot to post this, yesterday.


Speaking of Music..
The New AGameAWeek Preview Site now includes a vaguely finished Music archive.

I still need to add a link to the album's .zip, but otherwise I'm quite happy with how it's turned out.
Clicking the download button will attempt to download the track. Although, given how browsers are, nowadays, you'll probably have to right-click to actually download the track, rather than play it in the browser.

Alternatively, clicking the play button or the track's title, will open a second page which handles music playing.
I was originally storing each track in its own post, but that wouldn't work when trying to play albums, so instead I've bunched the tracks together.

It's ended up a lot more complicated to get everything working, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.
Not sure how I'm going to handle old links for that, though. The new storage method is significantly different.
I might just end up leaving the old Music Archive script where it is, for those!
The database automagically updates whenever I run the mp3 conversion script, anyway.
.. This whole AGameAWeek thing is certainly a complicated bunch of files!!

Daily Doodle : Choppy Waters

It's really not a good day for sailing.
Platdude needs to rethink this decision.

Stay safe if you're anywhere near the current storms.
*safety hugs*


So many complications,
This site is rather large.
I work all day and then all night.
I need time to recharge.


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