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Fairly Repetitive!
  10th September, 2017


Continued to work on New AGameAWeek, yesterday.


Recent upgrades include adding pages to the site, rejigging the header to include text instead of an image based bit of text, and a few bits and pieces on the Music display/player thing.
As always, the preview site's here.

I also started to tweak the site so it "kinda" works on thinner mobile displays.
I'm not 100% sure how to automate that, but the basic functionality is in there, hidden away.. If only I could figure out how the user should be able to turn it off and on!!

Gamedev has been mostly ignored for the past couple of weeks, so.. as is the norm.. my head's starting to go "Hey, hey, hey!! Idea!! Here's an idea! Come make a game! Woo! Idea!!!"
.. And, you know, it might actually be a decent idea, too.

I've am awful lot of gamedev to get done, once this site's up and running.

Daily Doodle : Where Am I?

Platdude awoke in a strange new place, with odd creatures floating around.
The floor certainly looks tasty though.


There isn't much to write about,
Development is quite dull.
When all you code is a website,
and GameDev's in a lull.


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