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Still No Uploads!
  11th September, 2017


I really need to start tackling the upload functionality on the new site.


As well as simply uploading, the task includes figuring out the best way to be able to organise all the data that Games in the archive require.
Although I've got all the information I need within the database, I certainly don't have any of it in the admin page.
I'm currently considering slapping a lot of the data into a TextEntry box, so I can manually tweak it, if need be.
That seems the easiest way, and also allows me to tweak things in a much easier fashion.

Although the old "Game Upload" page is fully featured, it certainly makes for a bit of a mess as a result!
This is it zoomed out...
And I think we can all agree, that's a bloody mess!!

But, as we all know, I'm all about functionality. Design comes a close second.. or third.. or ninetieth..

Of course, nobody ever sees the Admin side of AGameAWeek, so it's been "functional enough!" for the many years that it's been there for me.
This time, however, I've been trying to make things a little less chaotic, and .. Today's going to be a challenge!!

Yesterday, I managed to get the frontend of the Game Archive bulked up a fair bit.
Download links are working for the game's many areas of linkage, but I've not yet added the Bonus Features, like the icons, logo, DVD Case and all the other usual suspects.
As always, the Preview Page has been updated with all the recent tweaks, and you should now be able to use it to find your favourite games, and also download the things!


I started a new game, yesterday.
It's not very often that I test one of my games and instantly think "Oh, heck, that's a bit too difficult.."
I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not.

It's certainly an interesting puzzle mechanic...
But whether it's actually playable....
Who knows!?

Daily Doodle : The Happy Dancer

Platdude is having a happy little dance.
He must be extremely happy!


The end is in sight.
I can see it ahead.
I hope it works well.
It's failure I dread.


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