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Shuffling Files
  13th September, 2017


Yesterday was spent shuffling a fairly large number of files.


Previously, GoDaddy had whinged at me, that AGameAWeek used too many folders.
At one point I had each game in it's own folder, as well as folders for the music and all the other stuff.
GoDaddy didn't seem to like having so many folders on their server (for some reason!?) so I stripped everything back and the entire GameArchive was dumped into a single massive folder.

Whilst creating the new archive, I decided it best to double check before moving ahead. I sent a quick email to ZEN Hosting and they replied in rapid time. (Good customer service )

They suggested that, although having tons of folders won't cause too much of an issue, having all the files in one directory might cause issues when trying to access things via ftp. I double checked, and indeed there were already issues. Via FTP, (for whatever reason!?) it only displays the first 2,000 files in a folder! How odd!!!
Uploading is fine, and downloading is also fine when files are specifically requested, but a file list stops at 2,000..

So, yesterday was all about shuffling the files about into new yearly folders, and then sorting all the re-uploading and rejigging bits of the site to fit.
There's still a possible issue if I go crazy with uploads, so I might split those folders further into months or something, but for now the files are where they oughta be, and things work much better.

With that done, I set about adding View Counts and "Likes" to the pages.
(Note : View counts and Likes will likely be reset before the final site is switched on!)

Those seem to work reasonably well, but I might rename "Like" to something else, as it sounds very "Facebook'y", and not very "AGameAWeek'y"
Other than that, little bits and pieces all over the site, which help make everything feel a little more finished.
The Game Bonus Downloads are all in place, and there's another few things knocked off my ToDo list.

Today I really do need to do the Pixelart Calendar stuff, and make some better icons for the page types.

Daily Doodle : Cheating

Platdude's sick of leaping all the time.
He's found a quick way to avoid rolling obstacles.


Add another element,
Do a dry run.
All seems to work.
Soon I'll be done.


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