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Back in the Saddle
  18th September, 2017


Aaah, GameDev!


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Back to that quirky idea I had a week or two ago, and with a fresh lick of paint, the whole thing suddenly feels a lot more gamey.
Certainly having a bit of motion has helped quite a bit.

Difficulty wise, Gameplay modes 1 and 2 seem to work the best, and produce nice and simple "levels", but Gameplay mode 3 is KILLER!!!
I'm going to have to use mode 3 sparingly when in play.
I'd like to add a few more modes, but I'm not entirely sure what they would be!

It could also do with some joypad controls. Currently the game is entirely mouse/touch controlled, which isn't exactly great for OUYA releases. (But is awesome for iOS!)

Still, the game's coming along nicely, and with some added SFX it should start to feel a little more feature complete.

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