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Oops.. More Zelda!
  21st September, 2017
I'm now up to "Over 205 hours" in Zelda:BOTW


It's a rather alarming stat. Not since the days of Frontier : Elite II on the Amiga have I racked up such a massive amount of playtime in a single game.
Of course, the past couple of major projects, SoCoder.net's rewrite and this site's rewrite, have both reduced the amount of time that I've been playing it, but over the past couple of days things have started to ramp back up again.

One of the best things about the game is the lack of forced progression. I'm finding myself enjoying the game in the same way that I do Animal Crossing, in that as much fun as it is to build up your house and pay off Tom Nook, there's a lot more fun in just walking through your village plucking weeds, gathering fruit and planting flowers.

They're both very relaxing none-games, and I'm very much enjoying the relaxing pace of Zelda:BOTW.
...At some point I'll probably need to actually complete the game, and bother to tackle the Castle. Since Mario Odyssey is due out next month, I suppose that probably means I only have a month to do it.

That's a shame. I'm enjoying the quietness!

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