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My Old Notebook
If you're a Patreon subscriber, I've just launched a new series for Patreon's Only.
I've grabbed my almost 2-decade old notepad that lies near my computer, and have taken pics of every single page.


Over the coming weeks I'll be posting pages, describing their contents, and generally trying to guess what on earth is on them.

If you'd like to join in, you're going to have to subscribe!!

OMG! Actual Content!!!

Head on over to Patreon, for Page One!


All about balancing with this week's game. I'm removed one of the puzzle types and added a timer to keep things flowing as well as I can.
Hopefully this makes things a little more entertaining.
Today I need to do the titlescreen, create a logo, add some music and then do the screenshots and whatnot.
It's a typically rushed Sunday!

But at least I'm now happy with the way the game flows.

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