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Sheepishly Bleating
  2nd October, 2017


Sheep Goes Right is coming along nicely, but a quick test on the iPhone, revealed a terrible terrible issue..

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The issue, isn't entirely obvious, but it's definitely there.


The issue..... iPhone doesn't seem to record high-def Screen-Capture video when in landscape.
What's that about!?!
I captured that on the iPhone, last night, hoping to have a nice big High-Def gameplay video, but. Nope.
I'll have to try it on my iPad, later, and see if it comes out any better.
Silly iPhone.

Other than that, though, things are coming together well.
Collision detection is a little fairer than usual, but has also made things a teensy bit more deadly.
Today I'll be adding in loads of different spike-movement styles, and then deciding whether I want to create an all-new soundtrack, or lazily pluck tunes from the archive.

The game's coming together rather rapidly, though. Much faster than I imagined it might.

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