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Sleepy Jay
  12th October, 2017
Sleepy Jay took over, yesterday.
I knew what coding needed to be done, but nothing productive was happening at all.
I tried a few things, including building a nice random dungeon generator, but.. .. Boy, that didn't end up nice, at all!

Today I might scrap what I did, and redo-from-start.
I know I can do better than that!

Instead, then, I sat and played with Music for a while.
I seemed to be in a melodical mood, so I might as well use the time wisely.

I managed to create another two future Pulpish choons, although listening this morning, one of them has a really odd chord drone sound, which definitely needs tweaking.

But, tweak aside, the two tracks sound good enough to be added to the pile.

Today will mostly be spent doing my usual end-of-week Newsletter stuff.
Write the week's Socoder Newsletter.
Create a Pulpish Music Video.
Upload music video.
Post to BarItalia Pulp forum.
That kind of thing..

A busy day of random typing, ahead...
..as well as watching the laptop flicker away for 20 minutes, trying to generate the music video!

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