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What a Disaster
  24th October, 2017
After the hours (literally about 5 hours) of installing stuff, I finally got the basic android gradlew.bat file to compile, only to discover that that didn't actually compile the full thing, and instead just compiled the c++ stuff into a .jar file that Android Studio then had to take care of to compile it into an .apk.

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Normally folk wouldn't complain about such a thing.
After all, most people work on the same game for lengthy periods at a time, and after the first opening, future openings are much faster.
But for me, things are different.
Writing AGameAWeek would mean having to sit and wait for that, at least once a week. And, really, that's not good!

Android made a very angry Jay, yesterday, and I was so annoyed that I even deleted the whole SDK/NDK/Studio stuff. I'll reattempt this all at a later date, but for now I'm leaving it behind and forging ahead without Android being a focus.

Once the horrorshow was forgotten about, I made a start on some simple string based stuff.
I know how much C++'s string issues tend to wind me up, so I'm trying my best to re-learn all the ins and out now, before moving ahead.
Even simple things like "Print Name+' : '+Score" is an insanely complicated task in C++.
It's not "too" bad if you have a variable inbetween, but then I also have to tackle all the memory clashing of oodles of variables and things.
I'd really like to make everything as foolproof as possible, because once I'm in AGameAWeek mode, all manner of crazy fast-paced coding errors can occur!

So, today will be continuing with Strings, and seeing what I can and can't achieve. I'll need to stress test everything on the available targets to be sure it's working correctly.

This C++ Framework is going to take ages!!

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