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Input - Day One
  24th October, 2017
The simplest form of input is Keyboard input.
So, today I started to look into that.


I'm currently still using the Command Prompt, so all input is at its most basic.
Nowhere to click around, no way to draw. Just white text in a black box.
But that's enough to test the most simplest of input.

That's the code in the main.cpp.
You'll note that it's inside an Update() function, and that it includes a single PollInput, right at the top.

Everything afterwards simply looks up array booleans, and it's all very simplistic.

The code appears to work in the simple Command Prompt box, giving the output displayed above, but that's only really working in Windows... .. and/or Command Prompt!

As well as the keyboard input, I've been working on setting up a Render and Update function set, and those appear to be going ok.
The game launches into a main loop, runs a Render or Update function when it can, and lets you quit.

You can hit Escape at any time to quit this app, but I'll be tweaking that later. (For the most part, Escape will be to navigate menus or exit the game, not to exit the complete program.)

As with my games since about 2010, you can fully quit the test using the F4 key. .. I know it's supposed to be Alt+F4, but I haven't ever bothered to make that distinction!!!

Download the Shitty Test!

If you'd like to see a list of words, you can Download the test here.
Be sure to let me know if it doesn't work on your system!

For further tests, I think I need to create a window..
Mouse and touchscreen input's not going to be as easy as today's stuff!!!

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