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Treading Carefully
  25th October, 2017


Last night I did a lot of work on the basic "Draw Rectangle" stuff.

The game script calls the Core script, which stores the draw command into a buffer, then later the System script is the one that actually draws the requested things onto the screen.


.. Or at least, that's how Monkey did it, so that's the way I'm coding this. But this isn't Monkey, and maybe I don't need to do that?
I'll be experimenting with the basics over the next few days, to figure out what works best on each target.
Perhaps I don't need to faff about with a draw-command buffer after all?
We'll see.

It's probably best to do that, though. Just in case.

I'm taking my time with this, and trying not to break any basic C++ rules as I go. Relearning this stuff isn't taking too long, but trying to ignore all the little Blitz/Monkey habits is going to be tough to do. After all, I've been using Mark's languages since 2002, and those habits aren't going to go away very soon!!

I'm currently having to check and double check every line of code as I go, and it's making things progress in a fairly slow manner. But it's best to be safe, right!?

Today I should probably start to look into getting the newest stuff working on HTML and iOS, but if I'm honest, I'm a little tired out.
I was awake until 3am playing with the engine, and then woke up at 7 to watch Nintendo's Animal Crossing Direct!
Somewhat ironic that the game I tend to use to gently send me to sleep, is the one that makes me wake up!!

So, I might not get a lot achieved, today.
It'll probably be one of those half-zombie coding days.

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