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Does Emscripten Even Work!?
  27th October, 2017


After spending hours, yesterday, trying to get Emscripten's OpenGL GLES 3 to draw a single triangle, I'm starting to wonder if it even actually works..

I'm sure it does. I mean, it must, right!?
Today will, once again, be spent focusing on that.
Another rewrite's in order.
I'm gradually getting closer to getting a working HTML version, but for some bizarre reason, nothing I draw is showing up.
I'm fairly sure it's something really dumb that I've not considered.

So, scrap the current HTML code, and start again.
.. Again..

I'm fairly confident that the Windows edition is working as it should be, and should probably check to see what's going on with the iOS version, but this HTML stuff is driving me slightly crazy.

I should also maybe look into getting Linux up and running, but if I'm honest, there's never really been a lot of Linux players, even when I did bother to make them. Meh..

Hopefully I can solve the HTML issues before Mario shows up, because that'll be the end of coding for today, I imagine.

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