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More Emscripten Shouting
Having finally decided that Emscripten is definitely broken, and/or just not doing what it's meant to be doing, I've hit a bit of a roadblock with the new Framework.


Today I've decided to try something else, and yet something entirely the same, as I'm now attempting to install Emscripten onto the Mac.
The theory being, if it's broke on Windows, maybe it won't be broke on Mac!!
This is a wild and crazy, and totally unproven theory, but I figured it was probably worth at least trying, as a last ditch attempt to try and get things up and running.

I spent roughly 3 hours, this morning, slowly (very slowly!) following a tutorial on how to get the thing installed on a Mac.
I then spent about 2 hours playing Mario Odyssey, which is awesome, but caused an awful lot of nausea after such a lengthy playtime. I think I'll probably stick to hour-long sessions at the most.

After that, I headed back to the Mac and carried on following the steps.
I'm following this "guide", by the way.
By the time I gave up for the day, I'd reached Step 5, and I've just started to continue the quest to get it installed.
The past hour I've been gradually making my way through Step 5, and hopefully by the morning, I'll have it all installed and ready to give me the exact same bloomin' issues!


Note to future tutorial writers : Please don't include steps like "Simply build CMake" when "Simply install CMake" ends up taking a good couple of hours. Instead, call that "Steps 1-10" on its own, as a slight warning that this "6 easy steps to getting Emscripten running on a Mac!" is infinitely more steps than just those listed!!!
When you need to write a complete tutorial for each step, those aren't easy steps!!

What a day..

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