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Buggy Test
  30th October, 2017
Yesterday's framework test seems to have gotten negative reviews, with a common .dll issue cropping up along the way.
I've uploaded a quick fix, this morning, so if you'd like to give it a whirl, be sure to let me know how well it works.


Last night I noticed a bizarre bit of corruption in one of my sprites, so spent most of the night trying to figure out what was causing it.
I'm fairly certain I've fixed it, now, but would love to try to stress test it, somehow.
I'm just not sure how to go about doing that!!

This morning will be about tweaking the engine's Failure-check rate a little more, since it's currently really easy to break the engine, by doing things like trying to draw an image before it's loaded, and that kind of thing.
I'll probably add big red squares to symbolise "You haven't loaded this sprite!" or something.
I also need to test the engine on something other than Windows.
Mac and iOS seem to be, currently, the only other options I have, so I guess those will be the testing grounds.

I'll need to rewrite bits of the target-specific engines for each of those, but I'm hoping a lot of that will be simple copy+pasting. I've been trying my best to use as much basic C++ and OpenGL as I can, so that the porting shouldn't be too difficult.
.. But I've already learnt how difficult these things can be!!

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