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Bitmap Fonts - Part Two
  30th October, 2017

Although, when I say "Bitmap Fonts", it's more fundamental sprite functionality!
But I'm doing it to the bitmap font, so that's what gets counted..


Tonight's additions to the framework are..
1. Sprite rotation. Although sprite rotation requires some sin+cos'ing to work out the co-ords, so probably best to use that sparingly.
2. Added rotation to the Text function to allow for that, too.
3. Added colour to the framework.

You can't 100% tell, but the font is in fact gradiented.
I can set a top and bottom colour (SetFade) for drawing any and all sprites. (or SetCol to keep it as a single colour)

In the future I might change this to be left->right gradients, too, but for now I figured I'd probably just use it for recolouring the font and occasionally doing nice gradiented backgrounds. Those typically go top to bottom, so I'm ok with that for the meantime.

OK, that's a fair amount of work I've done, today.
Time to relax and Mario for a while!

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