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Next in the Framework...?
  31st October, 2017


I've already added a few "Power" features to the framework, even at this early stage.


Hitting F10 saves a screenshot, something that hasn't worked in my games since my days coding in BlitzMax.
Mostly this is down to Mark not being able to get it working in all of Monkey's targets, and was a struggle with all the different file saving methods. Remember, Monkey originally only had that "One single line of text is all you can save" complication.

Keep in mind that in order to save a screenshot, this also means I'm able to grab the current frame buffer, and it's storing that as a simple RGBA array, in memory. Hopefully that works equally in all the different targets, although (assuming I can get Android working!!) I expect Android will be the awkward one. From previous experience, there's usually a delay between grabbing and drawing, usually due to the VideoRAM getting in the way.

Now.. Whether I can "Grab the frame, manipulate the frame, draw the frame back to the screen" at a decent speed, will need to be stress tested on different systems and resolutions and things, but I'm fairly confident that I can do SOMETHING with that functionality, even if it isn't in realtime.

As it stands, I can now load and save images, draw them onscreen, rotate them and do simple recolouring to them.
I have basic keyboard input, too.
With the framework in its current condition, I can't exactly start making games, but I could conceivably use the framework to start making those little Artsy tools that I'd usually create in BlitzMax.
This is an interesting step, and one that I'd like to explore as time goes on.

For now, though, I need to keep building.
I think Mouse input will probably be today's big task, as that involves bits of maths to get from screen co-ords to virtual resolution, and back again.

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