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Bloomin' Quads
  2nd November, 2017
Over on SoCoder, Rockford suggests that the reason my quad-based images are looking skewed is because they're lacking a 3D element.
I guess that makes sense, but I was really hoping I could do some nice quad-based sprites, without resorting to a third dimension.
Bah, humbug.
As it stands, I can "kinda" warp the sprites around, but they look a bit weird when doing it.


So, colouring, alphas, blending and more are all in the engine. In terms of raw output, I can roughly get the same from this engine as I could with Monkey, so I'm quite happy with that.

The next challenge is either to start work on Audio, or to get it working on other systems. I'm not sure which I'm in the mood to tackle, right now.

Today, however, is a Thursday, so I'll be focusing primarily on doing the SoCoder newsletter.
I might leave the PC installing some "Virtual Linux" stuff in the background, though. That'll probably be the best way to attempt cross-platform stuff, I imagine.

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