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Audio - Day One
  2nd November, 2017

First step, trying to get OpenAL to compile.


This took about 2 hours, give or take.

The hardest part was figuring out what bits of the OpenAL library went where.
The al/.h files went into MinGW's include folder, whilst the libs went into the Framework's folder, and links had to be added to the build command.
Complicated stuff.. This C++ stuff ain't easy, is it!?!

Also, I have no idea if that even worked. It says everything's fine, and the exe now has a slight delay when it first loads, so I can only assume it's doing something..
But I can't test it until I can make it go "beep", and I can't do that without loading any files.

Next step will be me trying to figure out how to load an audio file, then trying to get it to play!
After that I need to deal with audio streams, and figure out what format my audio's going to be in.

Yeah, this is probably not going to be as easy as finding a random .png loader and going "Oooh, it magically works!!"

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