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Audio - Day Two
  3rd November, 2017

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Today's been a struggle and a half!
If you've been following me on Twitter, today, I apologise for the ranting..


In the end, I reused a piece of Mark's loader code, to get the .wav data loaded into a data buffer so that the data buffer can be buffered into the correct source buffer, where it's then sent to the audio buffer for playing.
And if you think that sounds confusing, that's pretty much how my entire day has been..!

Tips for OpenGL Newbs
When people talk of "Source", they mean "Audio Channel"
When they talk of "Buffer", they typically mean "The data you loaded from the .wav file", although realistically, they could be talking about any number of different buffers.
The "Listener" is like a microphone planted in the 3D world, "Source" is the speaker that you play the "Buffer" waveform through, so it can then be buffered for play through the system's speaker.

That doesn't entirely make sense, mostly because of the use of the word Buffer.

The naming conventions for OpenAL are absolutely horrendous, and whoever came up with them should be locked in an enclosed room, and have buffers thrown at them all day.

And from what I've learned, today, a buffer can quite literally be anything!!!

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