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Keep On Coding!
  4th November, 2017


With my little "Waahoo" sound playing, I'm fairly confident that the first step of the audio chaos is finally working the way it should.
.. I think..


Today will be about testing the functions. Doing lots of different loading, reloading, clearing out audio and checking for leaks.. Things like that.

Then it's on to figuring out streams. Getting an MP3 to play the way it oughta, or probably an OGG instead, or maybe both. Who knows!!

Once that's in place, I'd like to start to look into Mod playback. I'm not sure if I'll use mods, as it'll certainly be difficult to go back to composing mods again. .. But it'd be nice for filesizes, which have started to get silly with mp3/ogg based soundtracks.

That's a lot of work for one day. I'm not sure I'll get that far!!

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