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Audio - Day Three
I haven't got around to tackling Streams, yet, and have spent all morning working on audio loading functionality.
Mainly that the thing kept breaking when trying to load too many files.
Typical memory leaks and the like were fairly rampant, too.

But I've persevered, and I think it's more or less stable, now.


If you'd like to test things, so far, you can Download the test version here.

Features. It should load 10 sounds.
Hitting Z through B will play sounds 1-5, whilst N will randomly play sounds 6-10.

In addition, holding up or down will pitch the sounds up or down.
Holding the left key should clear out Sound 1, free the memory, then instantly reload sound 1.
Hitting Z after hitting Left should result in the same thing!
Holding Z and Left together should sound a bit glitchy, as it constantly has to stop the sound to free the buffer, before reloading it.

All of the above should work without any issues cropping up.
You should also be able to flip to Fullscreen (F11) and back without a hitch, and all the sounds should stay in memory, but be sure to test that and let me know if it does indeed function correctly.

Oh, and if it fails to open OpenAL, give the OAInst.exe a run, which should install OpenAL drivers for you.

That's a lot of testing.

Thanks for testing!

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