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Where's the Sheep?

Warning : Waffle ahead!

I really need to get back to working on Sheep Goes Right. It's really not a good idea to leave it half-finished like that, but I'm kinda enjoying working on the new Framework so much that I've not had much time to look back at older things.


There's a whole bunch of unfinished projects that I'm going to be leaving behind, moving ahead to the new Framework.

The following projects, however, I really should look into.

Sheep Goes Right, of course, needs the new level generator up and running, and a whole bunch of new content added.
I'll be keeping my Monkey-X dev-kit up and running mostly just for that.

The New SpikeDislike is gone.. I'd barely started the new version of the game, but it won't really take too much effort to recreate it in the new framework.

Puzzobomb.. I started work on a new Puzzobomb a LONG time ago, but I got stuck on trying to come up with an interesting menu system, then it got abandoned. I could do with a total rewrite of that, I think, and maybe a whole bunch more levels to go along with it.

JNKPool... I know exactly what point of that game I got stuck on. Multiplayer. I couldn't wrap my head around a good way to do it.
AI, too, was a bit of a disaster!

Those are the main ones. There's probably others, too, but they're the projects I'd like to see continued in some form or another.


This is mostly on my mind because, last night I worked a little more on Sheep Goes Right's new levels, and I still haven't yet added any new obstacles into the game.
The DS version had a bunch of fun little additions, but a lot of those don't work when you're dealing with a scrolling screen. They're very much "need to be visible" obstacles, like the rolling ball that runs after you. That's really not very good when you can't see where it is!

So I need to come up with new obstacles, and ones that fit the style of the game, and I can't really get the level generator up and running properly until those are decided on.

And yet, my mind is currently thinking of interesting things I can do with Mouse-control in the new Framework.
Concentration isn't my strongest point, right now!

This blog is a bit waffley, today, isn't it!?!

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