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Thinking Time


I took last night off from development, but that didn't mean I stopped developing!


My mind was buzzing with thoughts of the Music Stream/Buffer functionality.
In order to keep things as universal as possible, I not only need to learn how to stream audio "properly", I also need to figure out the best and most compatible way to open various formats of music.
In addition, there are licences which will probably get in the way.
Rockford over on SoCoder suggested that I simply use an off-the-shelf library, but even those have complications depending on what system you're running them on.
I honestly thought that loading .png images and drawing sprites would be the hardest part to tackle, but in all honesty, that's been incredibly simple compared to getting audio to play.

But I have a plan of action in mind.
First, learn to do the "two buffer music stream" thing, using a simple .wav file.
Then figure out how to read other formats.
One step at a time.

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