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Stringy Things


I've been working on basic String functions, since last night.
Left, Right, Mid, Trim, SplitTxt and other generic "Basic-like" functions that I'm going to be relying on because I'm rubbish at doing C-strings.


Thankfully that all seemed to go fairly smoothly, but I'm starting to worry about all the leftover memory references that might be slowly leaking away.
I guess I'm going to have to try to find something a bit more stringent for finding holes and leaks and things, rather than just watching Task Manager and guessing things are ok.

Today's task will be to try and formulate the save-file(s), and figure out the best way to store information in a way that isn't easily hackable, whilst still being easily copy+paste'able files, in the case of you moving from system to system.

Complicated stuff!! .. And I haven't added MOD playing support, yet. Not sure if I'm in the mood to tackle that, today, though.

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