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Most folk seem to be giving me successful results with yesterday's benchmark test program.
If you haven't already, Do so here!

Most results are a steady stream of ~5000's, up until the thing starts flinging WAY too many sprites at the screen. That's to be expected.
Thankfully the audio streams don't appear to hurt the benchmark, even when the audio streams fail to play, which is a good sign.. I think!

I've a couple of niggling issues to work out, today.
For some reason audio streams seem to fail unless you set them to loop. I'm not sure why that might be! I had a good dig through my code, yesterday, but the solution didn't seem very obvious.
I'm thinking that, perhaps the simple benchmark's two test-streams were too small for the buffer to even bother to play!?

Other than that, I got a whole bunch of debugging functionality into the engine, along with a fair number of additional stringy things, and a couple of neatening tweaks along the way.

The benchmark test is running from its own folder, so I'm confident that that bit, at least, is working!

I really do need to concentrate on getting the engine working on other systems. hmmm...

Today's Thursday, though, so I'll be doing my usual Newsletter duties, for most of today.

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