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Night of Horrors


I finally got around to shifting the framework over to the Mac, last night.
Hitting the compile button swiftly planted around about 1,000,000,000 red "WARNING:ERROR!" flags all over the code.


I swiftly managed to disperse a fair number of those issues by including the correct includes. For example, instead of including AL/al.h, I now have to include OpenAL/al.h

A very subtle difference, but one that instantly fixed up a boatload of error messages.

This morning, I'll be working my way through the leftovers, which are currently things that are Windows Specific, and replacing them with iOS friendly lines. For example, I don't need to "Create Window", here!

With any luck, I should be able to have the framework test benchmark thing running on my iPhone, later today.

Meanwhile, for Linux, I spent some time trying to get Lubuntu working in VirtualBox, before eventually giving up and downloading the full Ubuntu instead. I'll be struggling with that, later on today.

The MacOS version should hopefully come together fairly easily, mixing elements of the Linux and iOS versions together.


A long day ahead, methinks.

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