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Benchmark 2
  14th November, 2017
I posted Benchmark 2 over on Socoder, yesterday.

You can Download the Benchmark here.


The reason I didn't post it here, is because I more or less know the results, already.
I just wanted to see if a quick 2-second burst would be enough to let me know how fast the system can perform certain tasks, and it seems to work enough.
Back in my 2010 framework, I used a short benchmark test as the game was loading, to stress test the system's abilities, and I think that'll probably be happening again with this framework.

2 seconds is enough time to scroll the AGameAWeek logo into place, and play the jingle.
During that time, a flood of Alpha0, invisible sprites will bombard the screen and the system will record how much is too much for your system, then reduce the number of none-essentials (stars and particles and whatnot) accordingly.
.. Or at least, that's the plan, anyway!

Whether that works, we'll have to wait and see.


I spent most of yesterday working on Strings, converting a bunch of functions from Char* to std::string, and it's made for a very messy amount of leftovers, with the common recurrence of c_str() being one of the most alarming.

Going forward, I'm going to have to deal with all this stuff on a weekly basis. Having to add Game. to all the function names, and putting those c_str's in when trying to draw text.
It's going to make every game that little more complicated to write, but I'm hopeful that I can get everything working on enough different targets that it's all worth it.

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