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Nips and Tucks
  14th November, 2017
Spent tonight going through my todolist, checking things off, and generally fixing a few things that aren't quite up to 100% yet.


So far, most of the important things are at 100%.
It'd be nice to have Mod Playing, but I've just not really tackled that, yet.

Threading needs to be added. I'm hoping that'll be easy, but it probably won't be!

Other additions are fairly basic things like file checking and trying to get TTF fonts supported... .. Although I might leave that last one out!

I also have to tackle URL loading, too. A simple "GetURL()" should suffice, but I expect that won't be "simple" in C++!
I may have to read up on that.

But otherwise the "engine" is nearing completion, and it's time to start working on the actual Framework bit of the Framework.

I'm just not sure what style the thing will take, yet.

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