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The Mac Updated...
  19th November, 2017
So, after having read up on URL access for a couple of hours, I managed to get about 0% through it, yesterday.

I might actually end up trying to find a proper book on the subject, and having a good focused read-through. .. Although I imagine any book would probably focus on Win/Linux, and not the cross-platform usage I'm after.
I've really coded myself into a pickle, here!


So, avoiding that, I instead headed upstairs to the Mac to try getting iOS compiling to work, only to find that the Mac wanted to update to High Sierra. I click "OK", expecting maybe an hour or so.
"44 Minutes Remaining" said the notification on the screen.

I elected to rearrange one of my shelves, to perhaps fit an extra couple of consoles within the small area.
I shuffled Lego around, and found a new place for the two abandoned LED screens. (I should maybe see about taking those to the local Charity shop..?)

I've decided to "retire" the Wii. The WiiU handles both, so there's no need. The GameCube came out of retirement, though, since without the Wii, there's no GameCube support.

More shuffling. Controllers to be checked. Things went fairly smoothly, but after about an hour of shuffling things around, the old familiar nausea started to kick in, and I felt like I oughta stop, before I pop!

Luckily the whole rearranging was done whilst seated, because if I were walking back and forth and moving up and down, I'd've struggled to cope with about 20 minutes, maximum.

... So, an hour had passed.
I looked over at the Mac, and it proudly proclaimed that it has about 44 minutes remaining.
.. Hmmm...


I came downstairs, leaving the Mac to do its thing, and instead spent a couple of hours working on the framework's Loading Screen. Fighting obscure bugs that I could never have foreseen, like the Blend command causing all manner of slowdown due to the way I'd implemented it, I eventually got a basic loading screen working.

You can see the loading screen in this short video.

View on YouTube
It pops up for about a second!!

In the coming days I'd like to include a short benchmark in there, too, so that it can guesstimate the number of particles and things that it can leisurely throw around on the screen. For now, it simply loads.

Back to the Mac

The Mac was showing an odd green screen, with a regular pointer in the middle.
The pointer was moving, but nothing else was happening.
I hit the power switch and rebooted the thing, and thankfully it managed to boot back to normal.

The first thing I checked was that XCode didn't need an update, because if it did, that'd be another couple of hours to download and install that. It didn't, so I moved on, and got the Framework Test opened in XCode.
I hit Build, and it showed 20 Red=BAD Errors.

The main issue is that I simply copy+pasted the entirety of the Windows code, replacing everything I'd previously done for the iOS edition. After all the numerous additions I'd made, it was either start-from-scratch, or painstakingly check+redo every single command.
This way, at least I've got a starting point.

So, 20 errors.. I checked, and 20 is the maximum number of faults before it totally gives up, so.. .. Definitely more than 20!

A few hours work, and I managed to get that number down to 20.

Now the only (I think!) errors are instances where I've coded for GLFW3, but iOS uses GLES2.
I've (from what I can see) managed to eradicate all the OpenAL warnings, as well as most of the input ones. Although the input was simply a case of deleting a lot of code! I'll replace that when I dare to deal with iOS controller support. .. But I'll come to that later!

So, next I'll be working on the GLFW->GLES stuff, to try to get those final 20-or-so errors to disappear, then it oughta be plain sailing!!!

... Hmmm.. :\

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