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No Time For Mac
  20th November, 2017
As I dig my heels into the true Framework part of the Framework, there's still loads of bits and pieces to tackle on the ground floor.


Yesterday I finally got around to figuring out why Linux preferred me to include the .h files, whilst Windows preferred the .cpp being linked directly.
It all came down to a linking issue. Not only must you include the .h, but you then need to additionally link the .cpp in the build command.
This was obvious from the begin8ng, but my usual onslaught of shortcuts made it ludicrously over complex.

But an issue arose, in the Framework part, which finally got me to look into fixing it.
And fix it I did.
The Framework now consists of "menu mode", "game mode" and "pause mode". Although currently all three simply consist of that text writing in the corner of the screen..
It's enough that I know the Framework is handling all three elements, and is able to switch between them without any issue.

The next task will be to design a new menu system that works on all target.. with mouse and touchy buttons, and keyboard and Gamepad support, too.
This is something I wholeheartedly hate doing, as it requires careful forethought to imagine what sort of menu might be used in a bunch of games that I haven???t even begun to think about, yet!
I also need to cram the usual suspects into the screen. Easy, Normal, Hard. Scoreboards. Online scoreboards. Options. Badges.
They all need to fit into the screen, and that screen might be anything from 3:4 portrait, 16:9 landscape, or crazy 57,000:3 iPhoneX resolution.

I certainly need to plan carefully for this, and maybe even get multi-level menus to work instantly, this time, instead of needing to recode the menu system every time a game has more than the standard Easy, Normal, Hard.

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