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Aha! Progress!!!
  23rd November, 2017
The iOS edition of the new framework now crashes upon loading.

This is, however, a very good sign, as I've managed to get the bloomin' thing to at least bother to compile!
It's obviously still extremely broken, but any progress is good progress, in my eyes!

Here it is, sat on the homescreen of the Phone Simulators.
If you tap it, it insta crashes back to the homescreen. But at least it no longer complains about the linker including all the stb_vorbis stuff, twice.

The trick, there, was to delete the reference to the .c file, from within Xcode, and instead to just have the file "Be there" within the directory.
Having it in Xcode's file list meant it got compiled, then additionally compiled when it was included.
By no longer having it be part of the Xcode library of files, only the included version is compiled, so there are no longer any additional linker errors.

This could, of course, have been solved by the inclusion of a .h for stb_vorbis, but this way seems to work fine, for now.. I think!! Maybe!!!!

There's still the crashing to deal with. I'm not sure why that might be, but it'll no doubt have something to do with the fact that the Game.cpp is currently a half-deleted mess of nothingness!
Another few hours with the Mac and hopefully all will be solved.

*fingers crossed*

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