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MusicAL Friday
  24th November, 2017

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As much as I attempted to get "HD Screenshot" working, yesterday, it didn't seem to work out at all. In the end, I scrapped the code and will probably re-attempt it later tonight.
At some point it all got a bit mangled, and all the "context" switching ended up causing the game to crash.
Can't have that!!

Good thing I'm bothering to make restore points with the framework.

Today I'll probably look into making an Options menu/screen.
The previous one wasn't "too" bad, but because of the way it was coded, it became a little difficult to add new options to the menu. This is why all the games of this year have identical option screens.
This time, I need to consider expandability, and future tweaks, so that they can be implemented a little more easily. . .. and/or, at all!

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