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Bad Day...
  1st December, 2017
Yesterday was a horrific day.


The final stage of putting together my Mum's new wardrobe was to fit the doors. We left that "for another day" because we knew it'd be hard.
Yesterday, we attempted it, and.. yes it was hard.

For a person who can't cope with constantly looking up and down too much... It was, quite frankly, my own personal hell.
Swooshing feeling in my head, struggling to even hold the screwdriver. It really wasn't good.

We gave up after about 10 minutes of trying, and I was left exhausted, and I'm not afraid to say, more than a little teary about the whole experience.

I'll be sticking to my coding from now on!

So, back to coding I went, and I managed to get the credits screen up and running.
I still need to add the AGameAWeek logo to it, but otherwise everything is in place.
Words scroll up the screen.
Swirly background swirls around.
All is golden!

Today I'll add the logo, then see about maybe making some things clickable, or something?

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