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Grr. Linux!
  4th December, 2017
It's definitely picking up the controller..


I know that much, because it's returning the name of the controller.
But for some curious reason, none of the buttons or axis seem to be returning any values at all.
I'm curious as to why this might be, but I'm starting to suspect that it's probably down to me using VirtualBox.
It's acting as though Windows is grabbing all the controller data before VirtualBox gets its hands on it..

Could that be happening!?
I'm not sure.

As far as I can tell, it *should* be working. .. It just isn't!
Maybe I should try to get the MacOS version of the framework up and running, so I can double check on that?

Meanwhile, I posted a test for Windows, yesterday.
If you have a gamepad/joystick/etc lying around, I'd appreciate you giving it a go, and letting me know if it works the way it should.

Today, I might give the MacOS version a try.

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