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Level Editing Progress
  18th August, 2018

Level editing was such a simple plan, at the start, but with every little thing I tweak, the whole process gets more and more complicated!


The image above is a gameplay screenshot of JNKPlat2018 on the 3DS.
Most of the level you can see is my default test level, but the small brick structure that Platdude's stood on, the ladder leading up to it, and the chaotic brick structure on the far left, have all been created on the 3DS, in the editor!!

The editor isn't saving, yet, and is simply editing the one single LevData[] array. Once I've decided on files, it'll be easily able to store and restore that array into allocated "banks" within those files.

I'm now worried about how many levels might be holdable in the files. Although it'd nice to say "MILLIONS!!!", that's just not realistic.
I'm going to have to add some kind of limit, somewhere, and I'm not really sure of the best way to do it.

Any limits I place on the software side of things will more than likely have to be implemented server-side, too, which means there's going to be a limit on how many levels the server can store.
That's not really an ideal thing, so over the next couple of days I'm going to have to work out the best way to cope with that.

Adding online features to the world of JNKPlat has certainly made things a heck of a lot more difficult.

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