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A brief roundup of the things I've managed to accomplish, during 2017.

1. Online Scoreboards

It's been a long time since I last had online scoreboards in my general AGameAWeek games. iOS's GameCenter made me lazy, and I could never be bothered to implement anything more complicated into my Framework.
But this year, I opted to take on the challenge, so right at the start of this year I added an "Enter Your Name" thing into my framework, and tied the scoreboard system to the server.
A number of games from this year have had Online Scoreboards added to them, and can all be found here.

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2017 Review
My laptop's getting slower.
I'm really not sure why.
If I have to buy another one,
My bank account will cry.
Views 5, Upvotes 3, 16th December, 2017

After a good number of days working on this, I've finally got it up to a mostly functional state!

For now, you navigate the controller using "default" buttons, so hopefully that works well enough to allow for that.

I've still not started work on the thumbsticks, yet, but the code does at least allow for analogue controls, so it shouldn't be too hard to add.

Such a struggle to get to this point.
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2018 Framework
This isn't as much of a painful goodbye,
As I've said all of that once before.
But it still is a shame to be saying farewell.
I just wish we had time for some more.

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Eat the pellets, try not to die.
Views 2021, Upvotes 18, 17th March, 2009
Pacman , Remake , 1 Life

James "Jayenkai" Gamble is a coder who likes to code!

Having attempted and failed at both GCSE and ALevel computing, mostly due to becoming overwhelmingly bored at their idea of computing (Punched cards, Binary and How to Use a Wordprocessor!), I inevitably gave up on the idea of ?computing? as a career.

Coding is my hobby.
I enjoy the freeform nature of my hobby, and will continue with it until I become bored with it!
I create because I enjoy creating, and if anyone happens to enjoy the results, then that's all good.


Email : Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Twitter : @Jayenkai
Facebook : Jayenkai
GooglePlus : +James Gamble (I tend not to use this, anymore.. Does anyone?!)

Health / The Brain Tumour!!

In March 2012, I was rushed into hospital with a fairly large cyst/tumour in my head.
After several months stuck in hospital with tubes trickling ooze from the inside of my brain, and generally vomiting every single day, for months, I was eventually let out.
Since then I've had to tackle sickness, nausea and a terrible amount of issues with my balance, a combination of which have caused me to be pretty much entirely housebound.

I occasionally blog about my health status.. If you're interested, you can find a selection of them here. But I try not to keep banging on about it!!

If you've any health related questions, feel free to ask me via twitter/email.
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Daily Blog
Platdude ran to the mailbox as soon as he saw the flag.
Unfortunately, it's just another Pizza leaflet.
Views 18, Upvotes 3, 10th June, 2017
Platdude's trying his best to pain a lovely sunset, but he keeps getting sand in the paint.
Views 16, Upvotes 3, 23rd October, 2017
Help Platdude grab all the gems before he's too scared.
Views 1110, Upvotes 15, 31st October, 2006
Maze , Avoid , Platdude
The lawn's starting to get a bit messy.
Time for more mowing!
Views 22, Upvotes 4, 25th February, 2017
Chores , Garden
Platdude's reached the final tree in the orchard.
He hates having to do this one. It's far too high.
Views 22, Upvotes 5, 22nd June, 2017
Platdude specifically bought a smaller tree, this year, just so he wouldn't have to keep doing this.
Where DO they all come from?
Views 20, Upvotes 4, 22nd December, 2016
Chore , Festive
Yet another uninteresting generic snake clone! yeay!
Views 1006, Upvotes 5, 7th February, 2012
Snake , Snake
Laura Plat is raiding her way around the map, searching for the Three Crystals. Can you help her find them?
Views 705, Upvotes 8, 19th June, 2017
Retroraider , Demake , Pitfall , Tombraider , Retroraider
Grab enough stars to make it past each level.
Views 1509, Upvotes 36, 25th May, 2006
Mario , Remake , Platformer
Hit the paddles with the Ball
Views 1303, Upvotes 4, 3rd January, 2006
Remake , Pong
Hop your way home!
Views 1782, Upvotes 18, 11th June, 2013
Leaping , Platform , Rainbow
Roll the egg to the goal without falling.
Views 2064, Upvotes 26, 18th April, 2006
Incomplete , Platformer
Platdude's got to tidy up after all of yesterday's excitement.
Nearly done. Just a quick trip around with Vinny the Vacuum, and he'll be done.
Views 12, Upvotes 2, 24th November, 2017
Jump your way to the exit.
Views 1514, Upvotes 23, 20th February, 2006
Remake , Incomplete , Platformer
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