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Nothing Found :(
  23rd April, 2019
I think my head wants to have a play with a "Normal" AGameAWeek game.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
  23rd April, 2019
As the Shoebox grows, so the feedback flows!
You can Play the Shoebox of Games here.


Today I played Board of spikes and Ludo in android mobile. This is the first time I am playing shoebox of games in mobile and I found it to be a very good experience. Took a little bit of effort to place the ludo pieces initially but then it became easier.

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Player Thoughts , Shoebox
  22nd April, 2019
v0.897 - Added game Board of Spikes, a simple Snakes'n'Ladders style game, using cards.
A simple Snakes'n'Ladders style game, using cards.

Use one of the cards from your hand to select how many spaces you'll move. If you land on a Spike, turn it over to see what will happen. You'll either end up moving forwards or backwards, so lets hope that luck is on your side.

You can Find 'Board of Snakes' in the Board Games of the Shoebox.

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  8th February, 2019
Taking things back to basics. Simply leap over the Spikes and show them your Dislike along the way.
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  9th November, 2010
A semi-useful (hopefully growing) tool to design random sprites with.
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Pseudo Random Design
  13th April, 2018

It works, but like I said this morning, I really need to fix the scaling quite a bit to get everything working properly.
But, yeah.. Our familiar Framework Menu! Woot!

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3ds Homebrew
  20th April, 2019
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Wildlife , Beach
  2nd April, 2019
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  19th April, 2019
Seems my head wasn't quite ready to get back into an all-day coding session like I was aiming for.

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Daily Blog
  22nd April, 2018
Guide little Clampett through the crazy maze, trying to find the way out.
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Platform , Clampett
  17th April, 2019
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  6th August, 2015

Melodical Developments

Last night I re-rendered and uploaded the entire Precarious Al Bum to Archive.org

Annoyingly, I forgot to trim the tails on the tracks, so they all end with about a half-a-second of silence. Ooops..
I'll have to poke around in Archive.org's settings and see if I can update the files, but I imagine they're probably going to have to stay like that.
Aw well..

Meanwhile, I also created a new track for the Liquid Al Bum. I can't believe I'm already 6 tracks into this one. Seems like only a few weeks ago that I started it.
Adding more and more vegetables into the blender, today's Choon is Liquid Fennel!

.. and it's already gained 4 likes! o/yeayo/
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Daily Blog
  23rd December, 2008
You might have noticed a distinct lack of AGameAWeek, this week..
Since I'm getting little or no work done, this week, and.. what with being Xmas and all, I've decided to be lazy, and take a week off.

Nothing wrong with that!

If you feel you really need something new to play with, nip to yesterday's post, and you can grab the WhoSave thing. That's quite nice.. And you can pretend I posted that today, in time for the Xmas episode in 2 days time. Very festive!!

If you'd like to see something extra special, head inside for super secret Alien Deathmatch playing tips!

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Daily Blog
  18th April, 2017
If you've any thoughts on this week's game, be sure to post them via comments or email or whatever. Any feedback will be added to this post.
Thanks for the Feedback!


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Player Thoughts
  18th December, 2018
You can Download Lazy Man's 3DS Theme Generator here, but you'll need a couple more utilities on your system to make full use of it.

Editing Themes

To edit 3DS Homebrew Themes, you'll need a decent editor. I use the editor "Usagi"
You can download that here
For reference, the version I use is v1.0.12.1 - I'm not sure if there are other (better or worse) editors available, as I found this one and was comfortable using it.

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Dev Tools
  23rd July, 2018
Fight for domination as you roll around the maze.
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Ball , Roll , Maze
  6th January, 2019
There's still no baddies in the game yet, but shooting barrels is at least functional.

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Daily Blog , 601
  26th June, 2017
Time to go golfing.
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Golf , Sports
  1st January, 2016
A collection of classic videogame tunes, redone in AL's particular style.

  Memories of Alfred
Alfred Chicken - Title Theme by David Whittaker
(c) Twilight

Total 27 tracks
Views 138, Upvotes 18
Vgmusic , Remix
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