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  2nd April, 2013
Last night I spotted something odd.
On the ign.com/wireless frontpage is a little Top Ten list of "Top iPhone Games Out Now"
And for some very strange reason, number 5 is currently Spike Dislike 2.Read More
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Daily Blog
  2nd April, 2013
Get used to seeing this, as you're going to see a lot of it.
The other day I asked for opinions on what April might bring.
Three people chipped up.

One was over at Curly's World of Freeware, where Tormuse suggested I should go with the Word Games.
Second, @moshboy suggested I should go with an unplanned stream of oddities.
Oooh, a Tie!!

Third was the deciding vote.
And worryingly it didn't even come from the internet.
Instead, My Mum suggested I should carry on doing Stringy Things.

So, Word Games it is.
Expect viewing figures to plummet, as AGameAWeek goes Word Game Crazy over the entirety of April.

Each and every Tuesday I'll be re-releasing this game, each week adding an exciting (*if you like word games) new game into the mix.
Read More
Views 30, Upvotes 6, 2nd April, 2013
  2nd April, 2013
A collection of word games created over April 2013
Views 1246, Upvotes 20, 2nd April, 2013
String , Word , Puzzle , Stringy Things
  1st April, 2013
Am I the butt of IGNs April Fools gag?
Stick some random oddball ugly-ass game into their top ten list to freak everyone out?
... Because that's only what they've gone and done!

Read More
Views 13, Upvotes 0, 1st April, 2013
Daily Blog
  31st March, 2013
I haven't got any!
.. that's a lie..
I have about 3 big plans in mind, and I'm not sure which to go with.Read More
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 31st March, 2013
Daily Blog
  31st March, 2013
Sometimes I'll have an idea early on in the week. I'll take my time, and build up a wonderful game, spending the full week making it nice and presentable.
Other times, it'll be a rush job, and I'll instead make the entire game over the space of a weekend.
.. or less!
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  30th March, 2013
This month's crudely designed desktop images comes courtesy of Karl's Tiny Adventure, from last week!

Luvly stuff!!

Click for MASSSSIIVE!!!

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Daily Blog
  30th March, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold looks back through the huge archive each day, to see if I've previously released anything on this day. There's not always a game to play, but occasionally we'll stumble upon long forgotten gems.
Today's is especially nice!Read More
Views 1, Upvotes 0, 30th March, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  29th March, 2013
Many many many many many people have asked me how on earth I manage to cram game making into the space of a single week.
Ironically, most of those people seem to have forgotten that they, themselves, have previously taken part in Ludum Dare "Make a game in only 48 hours" style competitions.

Anyway, today's rambling waffling blog is about the steps I take to ensure I can achieve AGameAWeek.Read More
Views 26, Upvotes 23, 29th March, 2013
Daily Blog
  28th March, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold. An occasional trip down memory lane, to take a look at games that I've previously released on this day in history.
Much like every other element of AGameAWeek, these can sometimes be great games that you'll play for hours, or bags of garbage that you throw away after ten seconds of looking at it at going "Umm.. no thanks!"
Today's game from the past is an example of the latter.. With Zombies!!!!Read More
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 28th March, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  27th March, 2013
Let me talk you through what's happened since yesterday.

First off, I signed up as a Google Play developer.
I logged in, I joined up, I paid my Dev Fee, and all was going well.

I started adding a "SpikeDislike2-Lite" app to the GooglePlay store.
I filled in the details, and got everything nicely added using just my iPad.
I then slept...Read More
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 27th March, 2013
Daily Blog
  26th March, 2013
A good old fashioned old-skool platforming game, harking back to the good old days of Manic Miner and that sort of thing.
This week is VERY Manic Miner esque.
Collect the items to open the door, dodge the baddies, jump around, die a lot, get to the exit, sorted!!

Read More
Views 42, Upvotes 8, 26th March, 2013
  26th March, 2013
A very retro styled platform game.
Views 2525, Upvotes 16, 26th March, 2013
Retro , Platformer , Manic Miner
  24th March, 2013
Sometimes, stripping things back to their simplest mechanics makes for a strangely more interesting game.
Other times, however, it just makes an otherwise vaguely interesting game a little more dull.

This is a great example of the latter.Read More
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 24th March, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  23rd March, 2013
There's not been a whole lot tweaked since the last Monkey Framework Release, (I've been too busy making the fun gamey things!!) but a couple of important additions have been additioned.

The Download

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 20th October 2013 | Blog Post

Older versions

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 13th June 2013 | Blog Post
23rd March 2013 | Blog Post
25th February 2013 | Blog Post
28th January 2013 | Blog Post

First up, we've got a WordList function.
Unless you specifically disable it, the wordlist will be part of your game.
Once the WordList has finished loading, you can use CheckWord("Word") to see if your word is in the included wordlist.
You can also use ? for blanks, so CheckWord("??GOTE") will return "ZYGOTE" nice and swiftly.
If you'd prefer your game not to use 800kb for something useless, switch it off ("const HasWordList=1" is up at the top) and then you can safely remove the data/common/wordlist.png file from the folder.
800kb saved, words deleted!

The next addition is JMTrackr.
We've discussed this previously, and now it's all nicely wrapped inside our framework, so we can be super-lazy adding music to our games! (See how I'd previously made the little speaker icon do music, too? I planned ahead!!)
You can read all about JMTrackr here, where you can download the associated Trackr program, to help make your own little ditties.
Again, if you find you don't want my lovely Trackr choons in your game, it's easy enough to remove.
Switch HasMusic to 0, remove the inst/ and tunes/ folders from the data dir, and you're sorted.

Last but not least, we have a new DataBuffer and associated Image-Data-Loading-Grabbing function.
To use it...
First, during the loader function, load your image using the new LoadImgRaw command..
LoadImgRaw(10,"MyData",32,32,64,0) (Where 10 is the image slot you're shoving it into 0-99, just like LoadImg)
Next, use the GetData(10,Frame) command to request the data.
You need to then wait for the OK before you can access the data. (DataGrab becomes 0 once it's grabbed the data.)

At this point, accessing DataBuffer[(((y*64)+x)*4)+0] will give you the Red value, with +1 for Green and +2 for Blue.
All values are divided by 8, to avoid device quirkyness.
GetData will load data from any .png image, as long as it's no bigger than 64x64 pixels, and always, in fact, assumes a 64x64 area for grabbing the data.
Split up your image using whatever methods you see fit.
Also, note the lack of Image.MidHandle here... That messes it up!

Other than those few tweaks, the framework is pretty much as it was.
If you've already started using an old version, it shouldn't be *too* tricky to upgrade to the new one.
Or you can not upgrade, and try implimenting JMTrackr yourself, if that's all you're really after. It's not tricky!

As always, have fun, and let me know if you do anything with it.
Views 11, Upvotes 0, 23rd March, 2013
Daily Blog
  20th March, 2013
Last week, one of my quickly cobbled together test tunes for JMTrackr was the old Manic Miner ingame music. If you download JMtrackr, you'll find it in the Retro folder.

I created it quickly, made a little mp3 of it in random mode, and plopped it up on Socoder.

People seemed to fall in love with the idea of me making a Manic Miner clone, and over the course of the past few days, that's escalated somewhat..
People really seem to want me to make a Manic Miner type thing.Read More
Views 5, Upvotes 2, 20th March, 2013
Daily Blog
  19th March, 2013
Alrighty, time to buckle down and get a new collection started.
It's actually been quite a while since I last did something like this, but 2010's Advent Collection kinda counts.

The idea is simple. I write tiny versions of bigger games, keep them as short and sweet (and playable!) as possible, and cram them all together into a nice little bundle.Read More
Views 14, Upvotes 0, 19th March, 2013
Daily Blog
  19th March, 2013
As we continue through our adventures of old crappy games, we'll occasionally trip over the odd one or two that wasn't even part of AGameAWeek.
In fact, today's game-from-the-archive outdates AGameAWeek by a good few years.
Good grief, this game's actually nine years old!

*tests the game*

And it still works!Read More
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 19th March, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  19th March, 2013
Before anyone complains, no, this is not a game!
This week's release is a "Utility!" ooooh!
Don't worry, I won't be making a habit out of this.
To be honest, I was kinda expecting to be able to half-ass a game, this week, but I've spent so much time on this, that I just didn't get around to it.

No matter, this is a silly little plaything, and if you're even slightly musically capable you'll probably get a kick out of it.
Read More
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 19th March, 2013
  17th March, 2013
Before I'd decided on the "Blockman Gets" mechanic, I tried many a different thing with him.
First, there was the Platform engine, where he had to run around and gather up the tiny blocklets. That worked nicely!
After that I tried a "Pengo" approach, but he didn't seem happy pushing things around, so that never actually got uploaded anywhere.
After that, I decided to go old-skool, and made a bog standard Pacman clone, but with a rule tweak.
No lives!!
No powerups, either!Read More
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 17th March, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
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