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Platdude was having a bad dream.
Then he woke up!
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 1st September, 2017
Platdude's discovered a new creature in the wilderness. He isn't sure what sort of creature this is. It needs a name.
Platdude thinks for a while, and decides.. "Larry"!
Views 1, Upvotes 0, 31st August, 2017
Platdude's spending some time at the beach, but he's unsure about his swimming abilities.
Luckily, he's found a coastguard, so is ensuring he's within sight, just in case.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 30th August, 2017
Platizens , Beach
Platdude is so enamoured by the cuteness of this little creature that he's completely unaware that he's being licked to death!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 29th August, 2017
Danger , Wildlife
Platdude's on sleigh-pushing duties during this unexpectedly snowy day.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 28th August, 2017
Snow , Platizens
Platdude's BalletBot is teaching him well, but it's getting rather strict.
He's been told he needs to wear his tutu, next week, or there'll be no lesson.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 27th August, 2017
LexiPlat offers his friend a nice glasss of Green Tea, but SuperPlat doesn't seem to want it.
That's not a very friendly way to behave.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 26th August, 2017
Comic , Heroes
Platdude's looking up some old stuff using books and other electronic based library facilities.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 25th August, 2017
Platdude finally bought those large display cases he's been wanting for years.
... But now he can't play any more.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 24th August, 2017
Art , Game
Time for Platdude to check on the weight of his little pets.
Looks like Fluffy's been eating most of Silky's food, this month. Time for a diet!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 23rd August, 2017
Platdude is helping his friend train to become a Knight.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 22nd August, 2017
Platdude's sick of battling his way through the badlands, so is taking a shortcut on the back of whatever this creature is!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 21st August, 2017
Platdude gives his friend a lovely rose.
A pretty flower, for a pretty Platizen.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 20th August, 2017
Platdude likes getting nice close up shots of lightning.
But, maybe not this close!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 19th August, 2017
Platdude's trees are getting a little bit unkempt, so he's gone outside to rekempt them.
Whilst snipping away, he finds himself wondering if rekempt is even a word.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 18th August, 2017
Chores , Diy , Gardening
Time for Platdude to take his pills.
If the pills are supposed to make you better, why is this place always full of ghosts?
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 17th August, 2017
Platdude has to investigate the mysteries of the newly discovered star system.
The scanner thing isn't much use, today.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 16th August, 2017
Tv , Star Trek
This Crab seems to like cheese.
What a happy little crab!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 15th August, 2017
Wildlife , Beach
Platdude's on another quest, but things are getting dangerous.
Be careful you don't fall in!
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 14th August, 2017
Platdude's having his head examined.
The Doctor is pleased with his progress.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 13th August, 2017
Medical , Mri
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