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  13th September, 2017
Comments are currently broken.
I can't merge the old Game Archive comments with the old Blog comments, because.. well, Disqus doesn't do that. Hmmm.

Over the course of the day, I've tried repeatedly to integrate a fresh Disqus into the site, and although it appears to work at first, the insane number of URL types that this site has, leads to it breaking down.
I tried using specific IDs, but it doesn't seem to work at all with those anymore, which is odd, because I'm fairly sure they were working on the old GameArchive just fine.
... hmmmm...

So, I'm probably going to scrap all old comments and redo from start. That's a bit annoying, truth be told, but .. meh, whatever!
I'll be spending the next day or so sifting through different "comments for your site!" type of things, but I get the feeling the result will be me bloomin' well coding my own comments engine.

... grrr!

Meanwhile, any comments can be sent to my email which I've also forgotten to add back into the sidebar!! .. it's down on the footer of the page!

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