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Daily Blog
  11th October, 2017


I spent AGES working on a new Level Generator for Sheep, yesterday.

The version that's in there has been self-contained and will continue to be as it is for as long as I can keep it like that without breaking it!
Meanwhile, for future levels, I've decided to try and create a more automated level generator that will always create beatable levels.

The old one doesn't. In fact, I had to sit and play through levels over and over and over again to ensure that every generated level was indeed beatable.
But in future I'd like to have a nice random level generator that ALWAYS creates beatable levels.
It'd be nice to have the ability to stick a random code in, and get a random level. .. Or something to that effect.

I'd also like to add scoring back into the game. I initially stripped it out for simplicity, but now I'm feeling it might be nice to have a proper scoreboard, somewhere.


Ignoring all that for the meantime, and I've started work on the next game.
I doodled a little character and some generic brick tiles, and then started work on (another!) random dungeon generator.

This time I'm going to flood fill the level with literally oodles of baddies, and see where that takes me.
I tend to usually work with a small number of enemies onscreen at once, so having oodles will hopefully lead to a slightly different experience.

.. Or it might end up being an impossible game to beat!

Who knows!?

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Daily Blog
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