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Level Loaded
  23rd August, 2018

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I'm now at a point where I can edit a level, save the level, quit the game, load the game, start the game, and the game will then load the level I just edited.


A few more tweaks to the GUI are in order, but I'm sure I'll be able to decide the best options for those, once I actually start to make use of the thing.

From this point, I can begin coding in all the different tiles, and coding their specific abilities, so building up the actual game itself should now be more or less smooth sailing.

The harder part is, of course, the level select and all the stupid horrible menu gubbins that goes along with that, and rejigging the frontend of the game to look more like a proper JNKPlat title instead of using the default AGameAWeek frontend.


I HATE doing menus!!!

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